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Oral Appliance TherapyImmediate Temporary Oral Appliance

Apnea Guard To provide you an effective solution for your Obstructive Sleep Apnea until your custom Oral Appliance is fabricated, our office uses the Apnea Guard©.

The Apnea Guard© can be taken home the day of your first appointment as a way to immediately treat your sleep disorder. The Apnea Guard© is a unique and patented device that is used by only select offices.

The Apnea Guard© is a FDA approved custom fabricated device that can be worn for 29 days, while a more permanent device is fabricated.


Key Features:
  • • 1 mm incremental advancements across full range of protrusive settings
  • • Three vertical sizes proven to improve outcomes in men and women
  • • Accommodates full range of arch widths
  • • Systematic approach for selecting optimized advancement
Key Benefits:
  • • Inexpensive approach to determine who will respond to oral appliance therapy
  • • Provides immediate therapeutic benefit
  • • Improves outcome consistency across dental providers
  • • Scalable solution for management of post-surgical OSA complications