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So many of our patients are very pleased with the results they have achieved, they have extended their testimonials as a way for other patients to see how satisfied they are.


“ You brought me out of the depths of sleep deprivation” – Jim


" I can concentrate so much better after wearing my device” - Tim


"I am not falling asleep at my 3:00pm meeting anymore” - Anna


"No more bathroom visits in the middle of the night” - John


"I never knew what a vivid dream was until I treated my apnea” - Jon


"My bed partner is happy I am not snoring" - Everyone


"The haze has lifted" - Cole


"One night with the apnea guard made me realize how tired I was” - Lucy


To join those who have recovered their ability to SLEEP, DREAM, THRIVE© contact West Coast Snore Sleep Apnea Solutions to make your appointment today!